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Freddie Flintoff Thinks The Earth Is Flat

Freddie Flintoff thinks Earth is Flat

Previous Cricket master and TV customary, Freddie Flintoff, has opened up about something dear to him. His conviction that the Earth is level or if nothing else ‘bulbous, similar to a turnip’.

Talking on his BBC 5 Live podcast with Robbie Savage, Flintoff admitted that he has turned out to be charmed by a podcast called The Flat Earthers.

The podcast claims that the circular Earth is a myth which was made by Disney. However that hypothesis can rapidly be regarded hazardous considering society have trusted the Earth was round since the Ancient Greek period.

Most level Earth scholars trust that the earth is a circle shape and that all proof proposing the Earth is round is an administration and NASA based connivance.

Flat earth

Flat earth

Speaking on his show, Freddie explained:

The photos which you see, the skyline dependably seems level. Aside from NASA pictures which some say could be doctored.

The hypothesis with the level Earth is, correct, you got the Earth, and it’s round like a circle, not totally level – it’s most likely bulbous underneath.

Amidst it is the North Pole. Blast in the center. Round the outside is the South Pole.

He went onto give further groundbreaking information, stating:

In case you’re in a helicopter and you float for what reason does the Earth not come to you if it’s round?

Why, in case we’re plunging through space, for what reason would water remain still? Why is it not wobbling? Additionally in the event that you fire a laser around 16 miles, if the world was bended, you shouldn’t have the capacity to see it yet you can.

The center is the North Pole, around the outside is the South Pole which resembles a major mass of ice. This is the reason all administrations now have bases on the South Pole.

Freddie has also tweeted numerous times claiming to be a ‘flat Earther’.

The 39-year-old likewise disregarded satellite pictures as verification of a round Earth and said he is thinking about a trek to The Flat Earth International Conference in the US one year from now.




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